Ways Cloud Storage Improves Customer Service

11 May 2015
by John Foley
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According to the Call Center Executive Priorities Report, 68 percent of businesses plan to increase their customer management spend. And the Consumers 2020 Report found that customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. It’s no secret that reliable, quality customer service is key in building a thriving business. But, how to provide it can be less clear. Cloud storage is one simple way to improve customer service.

Provide Instant, Guaranteed Access

Customers need fast, reliable service to feel like your company keeps their needs front and center. Offering them cloud storage keeps all their files and important documents within instantaneous reach and also gives your company an advantage. With cloud storage, you don’t need to worry about leaving behind important files at the office when customers need access immediately. Cloud storage also makes it easy to delegate because customers don’t need to wait for your attention to access their information. Pass it along to a co-worker or employee to get the access they need no matter where you are.

Offer Trial Periods

Cloud Computing conceptIn the past, software was generally only available as a one-time purchase that was installed on-site. Now, you can make your customers happy by offering a trial period for your software or service via the cloud. They can try it for free at a low cost or stop their subscription at any time. While the flexibility will delight your clients, it can also help your bottom line because recurring payments for your service could end up being more profitable than a one-time sale.

Have More Transparency

When your customers access your service from the cloud, you gain instant insight into how and when they use your product. Find out which features they use most, which they ignore and how often they access it. It’s also easier to troubleshoot issues your customers may have right from the cloud. This could alleviate valuable time and resources to deal with issues on-site instead of through instant, online access. Gathering feedback through transparency also gives you the opportunity to give customers exactly what they want and make adjustments accordingly.

Launch New Offerings

Carefully studying what your customers want from your product and collecting feedback gives you another unique advantage — being able to launch new offerings your customers really want. Start organizing your new products and launch them through the cloud for a faster path to market. Instead of laboring over details for months, quickly launching through the cloud gives you the flexibility to test out your offering and make adjustments or switch gears altogether. This way, your customers get the service they need and you get to create a new product model for your business.

Scale Fast

Being the victim of your own success is the dream of most small business owners. But, what really happens when you need to scale rapidly? Your business could spend tens of thousands of dollars buying extra servers, storage and IT support. Even with the appropriate finances in place, you may not be able to scramble and scale up fast enough. However, cloud storage makes growing your business simple for both you and your clients. And, when your customers need to scale their business, cloud storage makes it easy for them to grow without the expensive price tag. This all boils down to happier clients and more revenue in your pocket.

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