8 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

25 Jul 2016
by John Foley
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It’s no surprise that mobile usage is taking over desktop. Businesses, consumers, and everything in between seem to be glued to their mobile devices all day every day. So, as a marketer you want to make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends and understand how to reach your audience. Here is a list of just eight of the top trends so far this year.

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be a new trend. However, formatting your emails in a mobile-friendly way has become more important now than ever. 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. More and more companies are making sure their emails are accessible and engaging through a mobile device. Email marketing is not fading, but simply evolving with the mobile world we live in today.

Video Advertising

Mobile_PayIt’s no secret for marketers that visual aids can increase engagement. With more and more people watching videos on the go, and video capabilities being available on almost all social media platforms, there has been in increase in video ads for many organizations. More specifically, vertical-formatted videos are at an increase as well. Some businesses have even noticed an 80% increase in watching videos in completion when testing vertical ads.  Putting your product visibly in the hands of your consumers is an easy and effective way to demonstrate whatever you are selling.

Location Focus

Whether it is Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, almost all social media platforms allow the user to tag his or her location. There continues to be large percentages of searches on a mobile device that include the words “near me.” Think about how often millennials are “geo-tagging” their location on Snapchat or other social media outlets. Companies utilizing location-based ads will attract the right consumers at the right times and at the right location.

Wearable Technology

The Apple Watch is a prime example. The capabilities of something that the consumer can simply wear on his or her wrist have captivated the market. With so many people focused on a healthy lifestyle, the ease and abilities of mobile accessories like Fitbit have motivated consumers. More and more people are adopting this trend of “wearable tech.” There is something to be said about a fashionable piece of technology that is actually productive to everyday life.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

QR codes are no longer the only “scannable” forms of advertising. Regular bar codes are now becoming more popular where the consumer can use a mobile device to scan a bar code to access things like reward programs or make purchases. Heineken is a great example that allows consumers to scan the bar code on a bottle and unlock unique content. Or what about the latest Pokémon craze? This form scanning and reality emphasizes the overall customer experience.

Search Engine Optimization

When using a search engine, whether through desktop or mobile, having your business visible is key. Multiple social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have made changes to better enhance search capabilities and results. For search engines like Google, keep an eye out for more and more video results. There is also the increase in capabilities for scrolling and zoom as one would on their mobile device.


When the App Store came to light, there was a fun, interesting trend of downloading many different apps and being able to do things on your mobile device you never thought you could. Now, no one likes the idea of having separate apps to do every little thing. One app that has many capabilities is what consumers look for. Many companies do have their own apps, but it is the capabilities of those apps that are changing and expanding.


With the continued increase in mobile usage, cyber security is always a concern. With important information, such as credit card information, contacts, and personal emails, all located on someone’s mobile device, security of those items becomes a concern. In 2015, app security was a major concern and something that needed to be addressed. Location-based technologies may be seen as in aid in security for the ability to locate your own devices. Between app downloads and so many social media platforms being utilized on mobile devices, security continues to be a topic of discussion.

Mobile marketing is certainly not a new concept in 2016; however, advertisements and consumer engagements continue to evolve and are displayed in ways we never imagined. Continue to keep an eye on these latest trends and make sure you better understand how to reach your target audience in the mobile world.

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