7 Ways to Incorporate Mobile into Your Next Event

21 Nov 2016
by John Foley
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These days, people are rarely far from their phones, and the smartphone has become an ubiquitous part of business culture. So, why not integrate smartphone use into your organization’s next conference? It is a great way to increase participation and awareness before, during, and after the event to keep your organization in front of your targeted audience. Here are some ways to use mobile to maximize interest.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

All you need is list of things that your audience needs to find, and QR codes attached to each object on the list. You will also need to determine a prize for the winner of the hunt. From, there, give each participating member a list of objects to find. Each person will find an item on the list, scan the QR code attached to them, and move on to the next item. At the end of the hunt, the person with the most QR codes scanned wins the prize.

QR Code Quiz

This strategy involves another giveaway or prize for those participating. A QR code quiz requires a simple mobile website with a few pages setup with questions. Give your attendees an opening question and attach a QR code to the answer. When they scan the code on the answer, it will lead to your mobile website where the next question is located. This repeats until the last question. First person to find all of the answers wins.

Mobile-Only Deals

Everyone likes to feel like they have the inside scoop. Offer discounts and perks that are only available through your mobile site. As guests share these deals with their friends, you increase interest in your presence at your upcoming event. For example, offer attendees mobile discounts on print projects, or a special deal for their next mailing order when they come claim the prize and show their phone at your booth. Discounts are always an audience favorite, and a fun way for you to incorporate mobile and reach a new audience!

QR Code Meet and Greet

This is a great way for attendees to get to know one another if you’re planning on hosting an upcoming event. Have each participant fill out a bio sheet with facts about themselves during pre-registration for the event and have that information put on a simple web page. Then, create QR codes that link to those pages and attach them to each attendant’s badge or name tag. During the social portion of the conference, you can have a contest to see who can meet the most people and name at least one fact about them. This is a good ice breaker and will make the conference attendees feel closer to everyone.

QR Codes for Booth Gift Bags

If you plan on having booth gift bags, a great way to hand them out is to use QR codes. Have a sales representative walk around the show and hand each interested attendee a QR code. Have each code link to a picture of a prize. Then, each attendee just needs to come visit your booth and the prize is theirs. Therefore, not only are you engaging attendees, you’re also driving additional traffic to the booth and increasing exposure.

Live Blogging of Events

Promoting a multi-day event? Build interest and anticipation by updating your blog or RSS feed and delivering it right to your mobile site. Frequent pictures, announcements of new acts, and short videos will make everyone wish that they were there. You can even allow visitors to submit their own event pictures. It is easy to enable social sharing so that your visitors can instantly make their event photos and updates available on their favorite social networks and your mobile site. They’ll love the chance to get involved and you’ll have your own passionate street team at your service.

QR Codes for Voting

If you need an easy way to tally votes without tons of wasted paper and manual counting, you can use QR codes instead. Assign each measure on the ballot a QR code. Whenever it is scanned, it adds to the tally for that particular measure. With the proper QR code tracking application, you can see which code got scanned the most.

Mobile gives you the chance to reach out to your audience whenever you want and wherever they are. Use this powerful connection to amp up the excitement for events you’re attending and make your presence a success.

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