Measure your QR code campaigns

Why QReate & Track?

  • QReate and Track is the trusted choice of international hospitality brands, telecommunications companies, colleges and universities, franchisers, printers, marketing agencies, pharmacies, associations, non profit organizations, direct mail houses, and more. Join their successful ranks!
  • You can easily generate QR codes, and then track QR scans in real-time with our reporting dashboards
  • Track the number of QR scans, location of a scan, type of device used, and more!
  • If you’re using QR codes, you need to be measuring the results. We make it simple.
  • Choose the color of your QR code, and select an image to increase the personalized nature and scan potential

Not sure on QR codes?

  • QR codes enable mobile users to jump from printed materials to online content within seconds.
  • They help drive traffic to your site, strengthen brand awareness, and make it easy for people to connect with you
  • Direct visitors to a dedicated mobile site or to a site that is built in responsive web design.

Getting Started is Easy!

You need a mobile website for your QR Code campaigns. Build one easily now with iFlyMobi!

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