Q: How hard is it to create a QR Code?

A: It’s easy! Head over to our QR Code generator to give it a try.

Q. Does your QR Code generator output hi-res files that are suitable for printing?

A: Yes, absolutely. The QReate & Track system outputs a hi-res, 300dpi image file for each QR Code that you create.

Can I create a dynamic QR Code, so that I can change the URL that it points to whenever I want?

A: Yes! That feature is available to registered users of the QReate & Track application. For any QR Codes that you generate while logged into the system that point to website URLs, you will have the ability to edit the destination URL at any time. In fact, here are instructions for doing this.

Q: How small can a QR Code be?

A: This really depends on a few things. Primarily, it depends on how much data is inside of your QR Code (i.e. how long is the website URL that you want the QR Code to point to), but it also depends on the quality of the camera on the phone that is scanning the QR Code.

From our own testing, the smallest that we’ll go with a QR Code that points to a shortened URL is 3/4 of an inch by 3/4 of an inch.

Q: Can a QR Code be in colors other than black and white?

A: Yes! With the QReate & Track application, you can make a QR Code any color that you want. There are 100’s of colors to choose from. However, please note that that the color affects the readability of the QR Code. Contrast is key! We recommend choosing a darker color to accompany the white.

Q: How do I shorten my URL before I create a QR Code?

A: We highly recommend doing this for a number of reasons! As a registered user of QReate & Track, our system will do it automatically, by default! Or, you can use another URL-shortening service such as ilnk.me.

Q: Can I track the location of people that scan my QR Codes?

A: Yes, all registered users of the QReate & Track application have the ability to track the Location of people that scan their QR Codes. Then, they can view the results in real-time via the maps on our reporting dashboards.

Q: What file formats do you provide your QR Codes in?

A: Registered users of the QReate & Track application have multiple file format options when they generate a QR Code through our system. This includes PNG, EPS, BMP, and JPG.

Q: Can I cancel my account at anytime?

A: Yes. As a QReate & Track customer, you can log-in to the system and cancel your account at any time. We bill on a month-to-month basis.

Q: Do you charge/bill on the number of scans?

A: No! Our pricing structure is based on the number of unique QR Codes that you can create in a month.

For example, for $19/month, you can generate and track up to 5,000 unique QR Codes! It doesn’t matter how many scans those codes we receive… we only charge based on the number of codes that are created.

Q: What are some of the Apps that I can use to scan a QR Code?

A: There are many different options available across the different smartphone platforms! We do not have a relationship with any of the following products. These are just our personal recommendations.

– For iPhone: We recommend the “i-Nigma” app

– For Android: We recommend the “Barcode Scanner” app

– For Blackberry: We recommend using the Blackberry Messenger app. There is an option in the menu to “Scan a Group Barcode”

Q: Can I include an image in my QR Code?

A: Yes, there are absolutely ways to customize the design of the QR Codes that are produced by the QReate & Track application.

All registered users of the QReate & Track application have the ability to use the “Overlay Image” feature during the QR Code creation process. This will automatically resize and insert the image that you’ve uploaded into the middle of the QR Code.

For additional customizations, we provide a service to help you do that successfully! The team of graphic designers here can help you insert images, change the colors of the QR Code to match your branding, add patterns, and more!

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Q: Do the QR Codes created via your free generator ever expire?

A: The answer to that question is an emphatic “NO!”

The QR Codes generated by our system’s free generator will never expire. As long as the website that you’ve pointed it to is still up and running, then the QR Codes will continue to work properly, 100%!

However, you will not be able to track through our system how many people have scanned those QR Codes.


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