Create QR Codes

Our QReate & Track application allows you to easily generate QR Codes and then track their effectiveness. As a registered user, you also have the ability to change the URL that your QR Code points to at any time. You can also upload lists of personalized URLs to to generate QR Codes in bulk, and you can organize your QR Codes into folders within our system.

Create QR Codes To Increase Online Traffic

You can create QR Codes for your printed materials to drive people to your website (a mobile-optimized one, of course!), your social networking sites, your videos, and other forms of online content.

Within our generator, simply enter the URL that you want your QR Code to point to. The QReate & Track application will output the QR Code as a hi-res, 300-DPI image file that you can add to your printed pieces.

Generate QR Codes in Bulk and Track their Success

Registered users can generate QR Codes for website URLs in bulk — simply upload a list (personalized URLs, coupon codes, etc.), and QReate & Track produces a QR Code for each record.

Also, you can view the success of your QR Codes via the real-time reporting dashboards.

View how you can generate QR Codes in bulk here >>


Easily Create QR Codes for Website URLs

  • Simply enter the URL of the website.
  • Click “Get Code”
  • The QR Code will be presented instantly on the page
  • Download the QR Code and add it to your printed materials!

Publish QR Codes on your printed materials – collateral, fact sheets, brochures, signs, banners, merchandise, and more.

>> View a Video of the QR Code Generator in Action

Business Cards

Allow people to contact you when they need to.

You can create QR Codes that connect people to your important contact details. Learn how here >>

Personalized URLs

QR Codes can help increase the success of your personalized URL efforts. The QReate & Track application will produce a unique, personalized QR Code for each record in your mailing lists. Find out how here >>

Coupon Codes & Promotional Offers

You have the ability to upload lists of coupons and promotional codes. Upload the list, and our system produces a QR Code for each of your unique offers.

It may direct people to a website where they can redeem the coupon, or it may simply present instructions on how to use the discount at a store.

View how you can generate QR Codes in bulk here >>

Easily Insert Images and Logos

During the process of creating a QR Code, registered users of the QReate & Track application easily upload an image that they would like inserted into the QR Code. Our generator will properly re-size the image and insert it into the middle of the QR Code.

All you need to do is download your customized QR Code and place it on your printed materials!

Learn more about this feature here >>

Organize QR Codes into Folders

Within the QReate & Track system, you can create Folders to better manage and organize your QR Codes.

This can be done for both new and existing QR Codes that you have generated within our system.

Marketing Collateral

QR Codes can help ensure that you receive the maximum impact on your printed marketing collateral. View how you can accomplish that here >>

Custom QR Code Design

Would you like to create a custom QR Code? Perhaps one that incorporates your logo or colors that match your branding?

We can help! Fill out this form to request a quote for our custom QR Code design services today.

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