Measure QR Code Success

QReate & Track allows you to view the success of QR codes that point to the web, videos, business cards, and more through real-time reporting dashboards.

Start tracking your QR code scans today!

Number of Scans

Easily find out how many people have scanned your QR codes:

Location of the Scan

Easily see where in the world people are scanning your QR codes from:

Activity by the Day

View when people are scanning your QR codes:

Activity by the Hour

Curious as to when people are reading your marketing collateral? Or when they most often utilize outdoor signs? Our reporting system displays that data to you via a chart.

Devices being Used

Are people viewing the QR code from an iPhone? An Android device? A Windows Phone? A Blackberry? If so, which model?

Bulk QR Code Generator

Save time by uploading a file to quickly create a batch of QR codes in bulk. Personalized or generic, the choice is yours! Change them anytime you want.

Can you track everything?

If you create the QR code in our system, and you direct it to a page on the web, you will absolutely be able to track those scans. However, if your QR code simply presents a text message to person or directs people to a QR code that simply displays contact information as a meCard, you will not be able to track those.  If you do want to track scenarios like that, we would recommend putting that information on a web page, and then  pointing the QR code to the corresponding URL.

Multi-Channel Campaign Success

QR codes can be a very important channel in your marketing efforts. With interlinkONE’s ilinkONE Version 8 marketing software you can measure the success of your multi-channel campaigns:

  • Did the QR code perform better on the postcard or the flyer?
  • How many people typed in their personalized URL? How many used the QR code?
  • How many viewed your newsletter via your Twitter post? How many viewed it via the QR code?
  • Was the email more effective than the direct mail piece that had a QR code?

Are you ready to start tracking QR codes?

If you would like to benefit from the real-time reporting and analytics that the QReate & Track application offers, the next step is an easy one to take. Simply click here to sign up today!

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