QR Code Examples and Ideas


With the right target audience, QR Codes may have a positive impact on the success of your marketing and educational efforts.

Below are a few examples of how you might be able to utilize QR Codes. To the right of each example you will find an active QR Code. Give it a try! Scan the QR Code and you’ll have access to additional examples.



coupon_image code

“Virtual” coupons are a quick way to offer both online and offline discounts or rewards. Include a QR Code on your printed ad and your customers simply “scan and click” to take advantage of the offer.                                               coupon


website_image code

Use QR Codes to drive more traffic to your website.

Put a QR Code for your URL on all your marketing materials to make it easier for your mobile customer to find you online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               website


map#2 code

Make it easy for your customers and prospects to get to your shop.

Include a QR Code that links to an online map and they’ll be at your door in no time.                                                                                                         maps

Personalized URLs


Personalized URLs are proven to increase response rates; make them even easier to use.

Include a QR Code pointing to a personalized URL on your direct mail piece, and your customer or prospect can simply scan and click to get to their personalized website.                                                                     URLs

Simplify Online Ordering

menu_code copy

Use QR Codes on catalogs, menus, price lists, and other promotional materials and your customers will scan, click, and order online. E-Commerce was never so easy!                                                                                                      menus


bus_code copy

Don’t miss an appointment again! QR Codes link schedules – whether transit timetables or event sessions – directly to mobile phone calendars. Scan, click, and view anytime.                                                                                                 bussched

Branded Marketing Materials



QR Codes give your customers and prospects real world hyperlinks that connect your printed materials with online content such as video, audio, special landing pages, and much more.                                                                           marketing

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