Video Examples

QReate & Track: Test Drive our QR Code Application as a Registered User

In this video, interlinkONE’s Jason Pinto walks through the benefits of being a registered user of QReate & Track.

This includes being able to create QR Codes — but also being able to view their success via real-time reporting dashboards.


QR Codes to Help You Change Flat Tires

In this video, Michelle from interlinkONE demonstrates how a QR Code can be used for training and educational purposes.

She’s stuck in a parking lot, with a flat tire… She has a printed manual with instructions, and her iPhone. Watch the video to see how the QR Code helps!


QR Codes in Action: Spas and Beauty Salons

In this video, interlinkONE’s President and CEO John Foley, Jr. discusses how QR Codes can be used on marketing materials.

He demonstrates how a business (in this case, a spa and beauty salon) could use QR Codes on their printed handouts and signs.



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