QR Codes for Personalized URLs

13 Nov 2009
by Benjamin Hoch
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Can Personalized URLs & QR Codes Work Together? YES!

Personalized URLs can be used to increase the response rates of print-related marketing efforts. QR Codes make it easier than ever for people to jump from print to the web, they can certainly increase the success of your personalized URL campaigns.

QReateAndTrack.com makes it easy…

STEP 1: Upload Your List

Simply upload the file that contains your personalized URLs. The file may also contain the recipient’s name and mailing address.

STEP 2: Choose the Column for the QR Code

Select the column from your file that should be used to generate the QR Code. In this scenario, you would choose the Personalized URL column.

STEP 3: Download Your Codes

Our solution will generate a code for each Personalized URL, and package them up in a Zip file. Then, you can download the Zip file via the web, or via the email that our system sends to you.

From there, you can simply print the QR Codes on your mailers, and allow people to start getting to your information online quicker than ever.

View the Upload & Generate Process In Action


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