Drive Blog Traffic with QR Codes

16 Nov 2009
by John Foley
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In the world’s of business and marketing, the words “driving traffic” can bring smiles to the faces of many. For example, a blog can be a great way to drive traffic to a corporate website.

If the blog is updated frequently, search engines will pick up on it. If the content is compelling, people will share the articles with their friends and associates. And then, if the blog has a big button that leads people to the corporate site’s home page, you’ll increase the traffic that ends up there.

Well, here’s another way you can drive traffic — QR Codes on blog posts.

QR Code for the QReate & Track Blog

I’m not going to encourage this for every blog post, but here’s a scenario where this may work for you:

  • Let’s say that you write a blog post that’s full of compelling content. Perhaps it contains a list of tips and tricks on how people can be better at a certain subject.
  • People recognize that your post is something they may refer to multiple times….
  • Thus… they print it out.

Now, let’s say that article stays on their desk for a few weeks… or they bring it home. Well, each time they refer to it, imagine that there’s a QR Code somewhere on the post.

In that case, they’ll have the ability to quickly get back to your website/blog to see what you have posted recently.

Most likely, you invest time and effort into your content…. Why not capitalize as much as you can?

QR Codes help people easily jump between offline and online content.

Yes, that’s right…. QR Codes can help drive traffic.

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