QR Codes at the Library

18 Nov 2009
by John Foley
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In a great new post on Miss Sophie Mac‘s blog today, she talks about how QR Codes are being put to use at libraries.

The post is titled “QR codes and the mobile web“.

At UTS Library, they are using QR codes on promotional bookmarks and flyers. In some cases, the QR Codes will take people to screencast on how to use the new catalogue system.

She also discusses the potential use of QR Codes in education:

“In an educational setting QR codes could be introduced to handouts or UTSonline as a way to enhance the learning experience. For example, websites, quizzes or video content referred to could have a QR code attached allowing people to access content on their mobile device in the classroom or on-the-go.”

Miss Sophie Mac has also uploaded the QR Code poster that she discusses in her post… Check it out here.

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