Who is ready for QR Codes?

19 Nov 2009
by John Foley
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After someone learns about QR Codes, their reaction is typically this: I need to use QR Codes in my marketing efforts.

However, they need to still think of marketing fundamentals. Who is my target audience? Do they have the ability to use the QR Code?

Well, as the percentage of people in the US with cell phones continues to rise, it is a good bet that a chunk of your audience will have a phone that can read QR Codes.

I saw a great use of QR Codes today. It’s from a company that helps printers with their marketing efforts.

In their weekly newsletter, they mentioned how printers need to be talking to their customers about QR Codes today. It also mentioned that printers should be doing it first – using QR Codes in their own marketing efforts.

At the bottom of the email, the company included a QR Code in their signature.

Guess what happened when you scanned that code?

“Mention this offer to receive a free month of our marketing services”

Yes, by scanning the QR Code, readers of that newsletter opened themselves up to a great opportunity.

The company that produced the newsletter also wins — they get more fish on their hook, and they also find out which of their customers are forward-thinkers and movers. If they could figure out how to use the QR Code, they may be perfect candidates for that company’s services.

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