Bulk QR Codes: Downloading Your List

23 Nov 2009
by John Foley
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We recently introduced a new feature to the QReate & Track application.

Users have the ability to upload a list of records, and then generate a QR Code for each unique record in their file.

For example, you may upload a list that contains mailing addresses and Personalized URLs  and use our system to generate a QR Code for each unique URL.

Well, its now easier than ever before to “marry” your original list with the QR Codes that our system generates.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload your list
  • Select which column should be used to generate the QR Code (i.e. “Column B – Personalized URL”)
  • Hit Upload…
  • Then, our system provides a zip file of the QR Codes, as well as your original list with a new column. The new column has the file name of the QR Code.

From there, you can then use the file our system produced to set up your variable data print job, and print the proper QR Code on each mailer.

Here is a screenshot of the page that lets you download the updated list:

Generating & Exporting Lists of QR Codes

Generating & Exporting Lists of QR Codes

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