QR Code Cookies and Decals

01 Mar 2010
by Benjamin Hoch
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Recently we exhibited at Dscoop 5. To help drum up interest in QR Codes, we tried something a bit sweeter than usual – a QR Code Cookie!

Yes, people could actually scan the QR Code on the cookie. When they did scan the code, visitors were directed to QReateAndTrack.com.   Then, of course, they were allowed to satisfy their sweet tooth and enjoy the cookie (which was actually pretty delicious!)

QR Codes also made their prescence felt as people entered and exited the show. A QR code floor decal was placed near their the main entrance/exit. Upon scanning this code, people were brought directly to an interlinkONE video on YouTube.

You can check out Jason Pinto below showing off the QR Code Decal during the Dscoop conference.

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