QR Codes, Deliver Magazine, and Direct Mail

18 Oct 2010
by John Foley
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Deliver Magazine - October 2010 Cover

I just received the October 2010 edition of Deliver magazine on my desk at the interlinkONE office.

As you can clearly see from the picture above, there is a large QR Code on the front cover.

There are a number of articles within the issue that talk about how marketers are turning to QR Codes to make their mail pieces become interactive.  There are also some supporting statistics as to why businesses need to at least consider using QR Codes now.

It’s a multi-channel world, and a decent percentage of your target audience may want to access info on their smart phone via a QR Code.

If you do not currently receive this magazine, I would recommend it. Here’s a link to one of their recent articles: “Use Digital Elements to Produce Print ROI” >>

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