4 Ideas for Using QR Codes in Real Estate

19 Oct 2010
by John Foley
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With the Massachusetts Association of Realtors hosting a conference this week, and the #NardiGras event coming up in November, we figured it was a good time to share a few ways that QR Codes may help realtors.

Business Cards

Realtors certainly have a need to get noticed.  They need to promote their personal brand. Putting QR Codes on your business card can help to accomplish that. Here are a few of the positive effects that may occur:

  • The curiosity factor of “what is this code?!” will help your card to stand out among others
  • A QR Code that resolves to your contact information allows people to easily add you to their phone as a contact
  • A QR Code could be used to drive people to your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.

Real Estate Signs

QR Codes truly can help make print interactive. One such way to see this in action is to place a QR Code on a real estate sign that drives people to a video tour of the property.  Or, the QR Code could provide more information about the house, pricing options, its history, etc.

This may work on signs that are placed in front of specific houses, at the entrance of a private development, on the windows of properties, and more.


If you are leaving printed literature around town, you are most likely competing with other realtors and other forms of media. A QR Code on a printed brochure may simply help to catch a person’s attention when they are deciding which printed item to grab and read.    Also, QR Codes on a brochure can be used to present more information to someone at the exact moment that they want it. You could put a QR Code on your brochure that drives people to a video of you, the realtor, talking about how you like to do business… or to a video that simply strives to express your personality.   You also could put QR Codes in your brochure that drive people to a website that lists new properties, or ones that have recently garnered a lot of attention.

Direct Mail/Postcards

Many realtors are still using direct mail as a way to reach previous customers and/or prospects. Oftentimes, they are leveraging the power of variable data printing to deliver personalized printed materials. Well, you could put a QR Code on your direct mail piece that takes people to a personalized URL. Once they hit their landing page, they can be presented with information in the form of pictures, videos, text, and offers that are specifically targeted to them.

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