Using QR Codes on your Promotional Items

21 Oct 2010
by John Foley
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Just about every business has them. They love to give them out.

The recipients might wear them. They might eat them. They might use them as luggage. They might put them on their desk or in their conference room.  Or they might drink coffee out of them.

Yes, we are talking about promotional items.   Whether it’s a hat, jacket, coffee bug, bag, sticker, fan, etc, these types of items can certainly have positive effects for businesses that are looking to promote their brand, products, and services. If they provide a functional need (or simply score a 10 on the “cool” factor), people may keep them for a long time.

One way to capitalize on the potential reach of your promotional items is with QR Codes.

QR Codes can truly make things interactive. If you give a coffee mug with your logo on it to one person, there’s a good chance that many more people will see the mug. That could include workmates, family, friends, or just other people that they see in passing.  Well, if there is a QR Code on that item, it could help to increase the curiosity factor for all that see it, but more importantly, it could potentially allow all of those people to interact with you.

For example, the QR Code might drive people to your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, or a YouTube video.

Below is a promotional item from A & M Label.  They used our QReate & Track application to generate the QR Code, and are also using the app to measure how many people are scanning the code.

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