Ensuring that you have a Trackable QR Code on your Printed Material

22 Oct 2010
by John Foley
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It can be fairly easy to create a QR Code. There are a lot of sites that you make them for free, including this one.

However, by becoming a registered user of our QReate & Track application, you can receive two benefits when you generate QR Codes:

  • We convert your URL into a short URL, which helps reduce the amount of data in the QR Code
  • The short URL is trackable, which allows you to view real-time reports on how many people have scanned your code

If you are looking to receive these benefits, you must take these actions:

  • Choose one our plans, and sign-up
  • Login to the system with your username and password.
  • On the “Create a Code”  page, you will see an option with a checkbox field to “Track this Code”. You will only see this option if you are logged in.
  • Simply enter the URL that you want to create the code for, leave the “Track this Code” box checked, and hit “Get Your Code”.

Our system will produce a high-res, 300-dpi image for your trackable QR Code.

Click the Download link to save your image and then put it on your printed materials.

Once you have done that, it’s very important to test. Here’s how you can tell if you put a trackable QR Code on your printed item: The URL that the code resolves to will be something like “http://QR2.it/74545”.

If you see your destination URL when you scan your QR Code, then the scan will not be tracked. But if you see the QR2.it URL, then you looking at a trackable QR Code.

Once people go to the QR2.it URL, they will be redirected to the destination URL. And of course, you will be able to see their scan in your QReate & Track reports.

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