Using QR Codes to Share Testimonials

03 Nov 2010
by John Foley
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Positive testimonials can be an effective component in any company’s marketing toolbox. In fact, has a good article today about how to get the most out of them.

If you have any testimonials on-hand for your business, you should certainly be proud. No doubt, you worked hard to deserve the testimonial. And in a lot of cases, you need to work hard to get it. While people may love your product or service, they may not naturally feel the urge to send a glowing quote with a line that says “please feel free to use this in your marketing materials!”. Quite often, you may need to make the effort to ask for it.

When you have them, you must find ways to put them to use.

Here’s one example of how a QR Code can help you to capitalize on the testimonials that you receive.

Mojave Copy & Printing (a customer of QReate & Track) distributes a hardcopy newsletter with a lot of great content. Inside a recent edition, they included text that discussed referrals. If you scan the QR Code below the text, you are directed to the Success Stories page on their website.

Certainly, some people that read the newsletter might be at their desk computer, and willing to type in the website URL to read other success stories. However, if you picture your target audience, there is a chance that they might not be close to their machine. However, they may have their smartphone in their pocket, or next to them.

A QR Code may be the perfect channel to get that portion of your audience to read those testimonials.

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