interlinkONE in the Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising

01 Dec 2010
by John Foley
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We are happy to report that interlinkONE is featured in Mobile Marketer’s “Classic Guide to Mobile Advertising“.

You may download a free copy of the report here.

The Guide is packed with case studies, best practices, and other information related to all things in the mobile marketing space. This includes SMS/Text-Messaging, QR Codes, and mobile-optimized web pages.

The article from CEO, John Foley, Jr., is titled “Integrating mobile into print advertising”. He provides four best-practice tips to keep in mind when integrating QR Codes into your printed materials.

We’d like to thank Mobile Marketer for including this article! And we’d certainly like to encourage you to take a moment to check out Mobile Marketer and download the guide.

If you are interested in using QR Codes, please feel free to take a look at our QReate & Track application.

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