QR Codes Make Print Interactive

15 Dec 2010
by John Foley
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Okay, I’m going to talk about “old people” for a second. To be more specific, and to not get in too much trouble, let me clarify — I’m talking about my Dad!

In the interlinkONE offices, we certainly have been excited about QR Codes for quite a while. Occasionally (okay, daily!), that excitement boils over to when I get home. Thus, I’ve tried explaining what a QR Code is to my parents more than a few times. It hasn’t always been easy, but they wanted to understand. It just hadn’t happened that quickly.

However, we hit a milestone yesterday. When I arrived home from work, my dad was extremely excited to show me the magazine that he had just received in the mail that afternoon. Why was he so excited? Well because finally HE spotted a QR Code! One of the articles in the magazine featured a QR Code that linked to more information about the topic online. I was excited for him…. and me (due to the fact that every time he saw a black and white pixelated image over the past year, he asked me if it was a QR Code)!

When my parents are starting to notice QR Codes in their daily lives, it’s a good sign for all marketers that are looking to make print interactive.

Below are a few pictures of the magazine and the QR Code.

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