“Print Buying Made Simple” by Margie Dana

15 Dec 2010
by John Foley
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If you are in the print industry, there’s a good chance that you know Margie Dana. But just in case you don’t, Margie Dana is the founder of Print Buyers international and Boston Print Buyers. She also just recently wrote her second book. The book is titled “Print Buying Made Simple“- Tips, Techniques, and Technologies Every Media Buyer Should Know. The book is full of real-world advice for new print buyers, graphic designers, marketers – even sales reps.

We were pretty excited to see that Margie had a chapter in her book called “QR Codes: More Than a Cool Gimmick”. In that chapter Margie explains where QR Codes originated from, where you can use QR Codes and also how to scan a QR Code. In the chapter Margie speaks to interlinkONE’s CEO, John Foley, Jr.  about QR Codes and how important it is to measure them and a few different ways to use QR Codes in your marketing efforts.

As always it was a pleasure to have Margie Dana in the office and we wish her the best of luck on her brand new book!

For more information on Margie’s book, click here.

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