Our Most Popular Posts in 2010

30 Dec 2010
by John Foley
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It has certainly been an exciting year for QR Codes. We’ve tried our best to use QR Codes in all of our printed materials, and then share the lessons that we learned. We’ve also tried to feature examples of how other companies are using QR Codes to make print interactive.

With the continued growth of sales of smart phones, we truly believe that QR Codes will become more popular in 2011.

But, before we go full speed ahead, let’s take a quick look back. Here are the 10 posts from QReate & Track that were read the most in 2010:

1. HOW TO: Create QR Codes for the Facebook ‘Like’ button

The popularity of mobile marketing continues to rise, as does that of social media. It should come as no surprise that there will be further convergence between these two channels.

2. Best Sizes for Business Card QR Codes

This post itself has been a learning lesson for us. Since this post, we’ve become better at resizing our QR Code images. And as the cameras on phones continue to become more powerful, they are able to read smaller QR Codes than previous models. Here’s the bottom line: there is no magic size formula for QR Codes. No matter how you use them, the key is to test, test, test.

3. Test Drive QReate & Track

There are a million applications that let you generate QR Codes for free. This video walks through some of the benefits you receive by registering to use our product.

4. QR Codes at the Rochester Jazz Festival

Two of our favorite passions came together here: music and mobile marketing!

5. How To: Adding a Pattern to a QR Code

Our very own Michelle Jollymore provides step-by-step instructions on how you can customize the design of a QR Code. There was a great point made in the comments as well, with clarification as to the actual deterioration rate.

6. QR Code in the Best Buy Weekly Flyer

We saw a number of “big brands” use QR Codes this year, which helped further push them closer to the mainstream.

7. Adding a little creativity to a QR Code

Designers unite! This example really helped to demonstrate how QR Codes can be customized, and yet still be scanned properly.

8. SLIDES: Using QR Codes to Grow Your Business

A very important component to the future success of QR Codes will be educating the public. Hopefully presentations like this one helped to contribute to that effort.

9. QR Codes and Short URLs

A lesson learned for many marketers that initially jump into using QR Codes is that by reducing the data in your code, you can increase the chances for scanning success. Here is one way that our system helps.

10. 100 Ideas on How to Use QR Codes

This was one of our last posts in 2010, but it’s become pretty popular in just a few days… enough to land a spot on our Top 10 of the year!

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