A Fancy Little QR Code

07 Mar 2011
by John Foley
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Flipping through a magazine I came across a very cool QR Code that had an image in it. The QR Code was on an ad for L’esprit de Paris which is the world’s first Sparkling Liqueur. What caught my eye was they designed the  QR Code with a little pink martini glass in it and it was still readable (which is always a plus!). When I scanned the QR Code it went to a website for the Liqueur which had all of the information about the product and also had a YouTube video that you could watch.

Below are a few pictures of the magazine ad.

And just for reference, a few months ago we posted a blog on how to add an image to a QR Code. Feel free to read that post if you need a refresher or want to try it out yourself.

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