QR Codes Throughout John Foley, Jr.’s Book on Business Transformation

18 May 2011
by John Foley
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interlinkONE’s CEO John Foley, Jr. recently published the book, Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry.

It is packed with information — including business plans, marketing strategies, campaign ideas, case studies, and other resources — to help print, mail, and fulfillment service providers successfully transform their companies to offer marketing services.

Oh, and the book is packed with one more thing — QR Codes!

Throughout Business Transformation: A New Path to Profit for the Printing Industry, readers have the ability to learn more about specific topics by simply pulling out their smartphones and scanning QR Codes throughout the book. The QR Codes direct people to mobile-optimized websites that were built with iFlyMobi. And of course, they are being tracked with the QReate & Track system 🙂

Here a few of the ways that QR Codes are used to make the pages of the book interactive:

  • There is a QR Code at the beginning of each chapter. It brings people to a mobile-optimized site that contains supplemental information about the contents of that section of the book.
  • There are QR Codes within certain chapters that bring people to eBooks and White Papers related to the information being discussed.
  • There are QR Codes that make it easy for readers to connect with the author — John Foley, Jr.

You may pick up your own copy of John’s book here.

If you do, we hope you agree that the QR Codes help make the book interactive and direct people to useful information!

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