Restaurants using QR Codes

12 Jul 2011
by John Foley
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Ever wonder if QR Codes belong in restaurants?

Well, think about this… Customers inside of restaurants are truly a captive audience. Whether it’s when they are in the lobby or the bar area waiting to be seated, or when they are at their table,  those moments absolutely present moments for the restaurant to connect with the customers in different ways. By adding QR Codes to the marketing collateral that customers often see at those times, restaurants can accomplish a number of good things. Here are a few ideas:

  • Place a QR Code on the front door. When people scan it, they’ll be directed to a mobile website that provides business hours,  contact information, a menu, and a map.
  • Print QR Codes on flyers that connect people to a mobile website where they can read reviews about the restaurant.
  • Place a QR Code on each of the table tents. Direct people to a mobile website where they can enter their email address or cell phone # to opt-in for “news alerts” or loyalty programs from the restaurant.
  • Print QR Codes  next to a few items on the menu. Perhaps these present nutritional facts; or maybe they allow someone to read a few ingredients from the special recipe behind a menu item J

Below is a picture of a QR Code on a table tent from a restaurant in Wilmington, MA.

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