Local Dentist using QR Codes on Direct Mailer

02 Sep 2011
by John Foley
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Thanks to John Foley, Jr. for spotting this QR Code on a direct mail piece from a local dentist. The QR Code directed people to the Contact/Directions page of their website.

We love the idea of a local business using QR Codes to connect people to pages that make it easy for customers and prospects to contact them or find their location. But, we do have one idea on how this QR Code implementation could be improved:

  • The QR Code currently contains a very long URL (it points to their business link on Google). The URL should be shortened first.

    This would allow for the business to perhaps decrease the size of the QR Code a bit. It also could increase that older phones (whose cameras might not be as great as say the one in the iPhone 4) could still scan the QR Code successfully.

  • On the direct mail piece, there could have been a brief line of text that encourages people to scan the QR Code. For example, something like “Scan this QR Code to contact us today!” or “Need directions? Simply scan this QR Code with your smartphone,” may have helped.

Below is a picture of the direct mail piece and QR Code.

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