Buy Rosetta Stone via a QR Code

17 Nov 2011
by John Foley
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While excitedly opening up a shipment at home from Barnes and Noble (I bought “A Visit from the Goon Squad“), I was happy to see that one of the advertisers utilized QR Codes on their printed materials.

Rosetta Stone had included a flyer inside of the B&N box that promoted one of their products. In addition to providing a URL on the advertisement that would help people learn more, they included a QR Code to help the emerging mobile audience.

Rosetta Stone: QR Code in their Print Advertisement. Points to a mobile site for purchasing their product!

Upon scanning the QR Code, people are directed to a mobile website where they can purchase the product:

RosettaStone_MobilePurchase via QR Code

I think this is a great example of demonstrating how QR Codes can be used to not only make print interactive, but to also help to drive sales from the mobile audience.

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