QR Codes & Direct Mail: Buy Flowers from your Mobile Phone

06 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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Well, all of us smartphone-loving folks now have one less excuse for why we forgot to buy flowers for those special people in our lives.

1-800-Flowers recently incorporated QR Codes onto their direct mail pieces to help reach the emerging mobile audience. Upon scanning the QR Code, people were directed to a mobile website where they could browse the product selection and place an order.

Here is a picture of the direct mail piece that I received:

1-800-Flowers Direct Mail Piece with a QR Code

Here is a screenshot of the mobile website where I was directed:

1-800-Flowers Mobile Website -- People were directed here after scanning the QR Code

I think this is a great example of how companies can integrate QR Codes onto direct mail pieces.

Rather than simply adding a QR Code for the sake of doing it, they truly incorporated it because it can help the recipient (hey, look how easy it is to order flowers… and not get in trouble!), but it should also help the company to increase sales from the mobile audience.


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