QR Code Virtual Store Comes to New York City

07 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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It was just last week that we excitedly shared news that eBay had opened up a physical storefront that would let people make purchases by scanning QR Codes.

Well, I am now just as excited to share news that Toys R Us has incorporated QR Codes onto their billboards to create virtual stores in New York City.

The folks at Mobile Commerce Daily have published a great recap of how the project has been implemented. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

  • The billboards with the QR Codes are are located inside of the JFK and LaGuardia Airports and along rail lines in NJ Transit stations.
  • A QR Code accompanies each product that is presented on the printed billboard.
  • People that scan the QR Codes are directed to mobile websites where they can make a purchase.

I think this is a great example of how QR Codes can be used properly  — to bring benefits to the prospect/customer as well as the business.

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