Donations Through QR Codes and SMS

15 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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Many thanks are due to Matt Pochily for sharing the picture of this QR Code below with us.

We think it’s a great example of how to use QR Codes correctly and for a good cause.

Matt spotted this QR Code inside of a sandwich shop:

Picture by Matt Pochily - QR Code at a sub shop -- directs people to a mobile site for making a donation

Upon scanning the QR Code, people are directed to a mobile website. The site contains a video about the Salvation Army and text regarding their donation programs. But it goes beyond simply providing information.

The site actually provides a button on the site to “Donate $5 w/ your Cell Phone”. Upon clicking that, people are directed to send a text-message from their phone to complete the donation.

The QR Code directs people to this mobile website where they can watch a video and make a donation.

I think this is a great example of an effort that integrated multiple marketing channels, as well as one that used QR Codes for a purpose: to make it easier for customers inside of the store to make a donation.

P.S. Have you spotted or produced any QR Codes that you would like to see up on this blog? If so, please send them to us via our @QReateAndTrack account on Twitter.

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