Loyalty Program using QR Codes

19 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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Does your company have a loyalty program or a rewards program that you want people to sign up for?

Sears has started using QR Codes on some of their signage to promote their rewards program, and I happened to spot them at the mall this week. The QR Code had very simple directions — “SCAN” — and it linked directly to their rewards site. There, people could learn more about the program and sign up as well.

Why is this a good idea? Here are two reasons:

The Busy Factor

Whether it’s a real thing or just imagined, many people do feel busier than ever before. While they are running around doing errands, the last thing may feel like doing is taking the time to find a pen and fill out a paper form.

The QR Code/mobile website option may satisfy the needs of that growing mobile audience who may prefer to do as much as possible through their smartphones.

Learn Now, Take Action Later

There is no doubt that a business would prefer that someone registers for the program as soon as they learn about. But this may not be possible for all people.

The QR Code response option gives people the ability to learn about the program while they are in the store, but it allows them to access the content on the mobile website at any point.

For example, they could scan the QR Code while they’re at the store, but they could wait until they are sitting down to actually visit the mobile website that it points to.

Below is a picture of the sign that included the QR Code on it promoting their rewards program.

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