QR Codes Enable the Random Tattoo

20 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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Throughout 2011, people found many ways to use QR Codes. Some were used to promote products and services… others were used to increase registration. And some were used simply for fun.

One trend that always excited us (but not necessarily our mothers) were QR Code tattoos.

We recently stumbled upon another example of this that was quite creative.

As the video demonstrates, the QR Code points to a mobile website that randomly displays different content. In this case, it may just be randomly displaying animated GIFs. But this concept could certainly be used to randomly display a video, a tweet, a coupon, an image, a form, etc.

While the random aspect may not exactly support a business in their marketing initiatives, one piece of inspiration that may come from this is the fact that you can change where your QR Codes point to at certain periods of time.

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