Shop for Tools via the QR Code on a Direct Mailer

18 Jan 2012
by John Foley
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As someone that is worked in the computer industry for too long, I have pretty much come to accept the fact I will never be handy with many tools.

And yes, that means it can be fairly embarrassing for me as my neighbors watch my wife handle a hammer, a screw gun, a ladder, etc., better than I can while we are working on our house!

Thus, when a company that sells tools reaches out to me with a marketing effort, chances are fairly high that I will not pay attention… However, if they provide a call-to-action that gets me excited, then they have a chance.

Here’s an example of how this recently happened. Below is a picture of a direct mail piece that I received at home:

Picture of a direct mail piece with a QR Code for a Tool store

I apologize for the blinding flash that appeared in the middle of the mail piece! But I can’t lie — after seeing the QR Code, I was motivated to find my smartphone and scan to see where they were going to send me.

The QR Code directed me to their corporate website, where I could browse and shop for tools. After a few moments, my lack of knowledge took of over, and I handed the phone to wife to continue the mobile shopping process.

However, the bottom line is this — the QR Code helped to make their direct mail piece interactive, and helped me (a potential consumer) to pay attention.

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