Big Truck, Big QR Code

19 Jan 2012
by John Foley
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I must send a thank you to @mattpooch for taking a picture of the QR Code below and sending it to me via Twitter.

As you can see, the QR Code is huge! And, the “Scan Me” directions are even bigger.

Of course, after seeing where it’s placed — on a massive truck — it makes sense as to why the QR Code and directions are so prominent.

Big Truck with a Big QR Code and a Big Scan Me Direction

I have no doubt that this truck will attract attention, simply due to its size. Here’s hoping that it helps to increase awareness of QR Codes as well to those that come near it!

I also wanted to mention one other thing. I was quite happy to see the website that the QR Code directed me to. No, it wasn’t massive by any means. Rather, it was perfectly optimized mobile website for my iPhone. Here is a screenshot of what I saw:

Big Truck: QR Code points to mobile website

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