AFC Champions – New England Patriots QR Code

24 Jan 2012
by John Foley
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The interlinkONE office is full of die-hard sports fans. Throughout the NFL Playoffs, the employees have worn their favorite New England Patriots gear to cheer on the team! And as you might expect, there were a lot of smiles in our office on Monday morning after the New England Patriots won the AFC Championship on Sunday.

Since we love sports and QR Codes (I am not sure which one we love more!), we decided to create a Patriots-themed QR Code. It directs people to a mobile website that was built with iFlyMobi. The website is full of New England Patriots history, random facts, videos, and more!

If you love the New England Patriots or QR Codes, what are you waiting for?! Take out your smartphone and scan the QR Code below!

Note: We created the QR Code in color and we added a logo to the middle of the QR Code.


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