QR Codes on an Electronic Billboard

28 Mar 2012
by John Foley
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I must send a Thank You to our VP of Sales Karen DeWolfe for sharing the QR Code below with us.

Karen spotted this QR Code while she was eating at a restaurant in Boston.

Yes, we typically promote the use of QR Codes on printed items — but in this case, one was incorporated onto an advertisement that was running on an electronic billboard.

QR Code on an Electronic Billboard: Making an advertisement interactive

Electronic billboards certainly have a few unique capabilities.

But in the end, they must do the same thing as print — they must capture the attention of their audience.

Also, while QR Codes can help to do that on their own, the destination is a very critical piece of the entire experience. If a potential customer or prospect is going to stop at an advertisement, pull out their phone, and scan the QR Code, they must be rewarded with compelling content that is associated to the advertisement.


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