QR Code Cupcakes from CustomXM

29 Mar 2012
by John Foley
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The folks at CustomXM in Arkansas have impressed us many times in the past with their usage of QR Codes.

They have included them on direct mailers, attached them to lanyards, placed them on wrapping paper, and used them to make their magazine advertisements talk.

Well, now they have gone ahead and impressed us once again.

The QR Code Cupcakes

On March 29th, 2012, CustomXM hosted a special event with the theme of “Integrating Media”. Our CEO John Foley, Jr. was fortunate enough to have been invited to deliver a presentation on the “State of the Union of Social Media and Mobile Marketing” to the attendees.

Along with being able to hear John’s Boston accent, attendees were also greeted with these wonderful QR Code cupcakes:

QR Code Cupcakes from CustomXM

Not only do these look absolutely delicious, but we are also rejoicing because the QR Codes direct people to mobile websites!

CustomXM — you rock!

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