Using QR Codes to Learn More About Wine

29 May 2012
by John Foley
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Judging by the promotional text on their website, the folks behind Club W certainly strive to be viewed as different than typical wine clubs.

As someone that is very unfamiliar with choosing a good wine, and that is uncomfortable being stuck in the wine aisle at my local liquor store for too long, I can certainly appreciate a wine club that does things a bit differently. The details of being a club member certainly have intrigued me!

Of course, there was one specific thing that caught my attention that made me want to share it with you on this blog.

To help provide more information to its members, Club W includes a QR Code on the wine labels.

Here’s what they have to say about that part of the program:

“Learning about wine should be fun, not overbearing or pretentious. We produce a short video for every wine featuring one of our curators that includes tasting notes and other background information such as the producer’s story, an explanation of the growing region or a primer on the varietal. A QR code on every bottle that we ship will take you directly to the video. It’s an easy, un-obtrusive way to learn about the wine you’re about to enjoy, if you’re so inclined.”

Club W, I like what you’re doing!

Learn more about Club W here >>

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