Toys R Us using QR Codes to Increase Summer Sales

31 May 2012
by John Foley
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School is almost out and the kids will be bored before you know it!… Time to purchase some new summer beach toys, maybe a new swing set? Whatever it maybe, it sure would be nice to get a chance to view what the toys do before purchasing it.

Toys R Us stores continue to increase summer sales via their QR Code marketing efforts. The stores now place QR Codes next to some of their products and this allows the shoppers to take out their smartphones, scan the QR Code and watch a short video on how the product works, and read facts/features about the product.

Not only is this a genius idea… it is also very helpful to the shoppers because they get to learn about the product and see if in fact it is worth purchasing for their family. To read the rest of the story on how Toys R Us is using QR Codes click here.

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