AARP Magazine Using QR Codes

16 Jun 2012
by John Foley
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Thank you to Dena Woerner (Vice President of Grow Socially) and Katherine O’Brien (Senior Editor of American Printer) for sharing this QR Code in the Wild with us!

They brought it to our attention via a tweet that was sent during the NAPL/NPES Executive Briefing series.

As you can see in the picture below, AARP  is using QR Codes to make their magazine interactive:

AARP Magazine with a QR Code

In addition to including the QR Code, it looks like AARP did a great job providing text and visual clues to help their audience learn what the QR Codes, how they could use, and why they’d want to!

Upon scanning the QR Code, I was directed to a mobile website where I could watch a video for Dallas. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot of AARP's Mobile Website, via the QR Code in their magazine

Thanks to Dena and Katherine for sharing this one with us!

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