University of Regina is Using QR Codes

17 Jun 2012
by John Foley
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Special thanks to our CEO John Foley, Jr. for spotting and sharing this QR Code in the wild with us.

John recently traveled to Regina, Saskatchewan to speak at the 2012 CUPMAC Annual Conference.

In addition to delivering an all-day presentation on how in-plant printers can use tools such as QR Codes and mobile websites to grow their business, John was also on the hunt for uses of mobile marketing in Canada!

Below is one that he spotted from the University of Regina.

University of Regina: Sign featuring a QR Code

As you can see, the sign was a good size!

Here is a zoomed-in picture of the QR Code:

University of Regina: Sign with QR Code --- zoomed-in version

Upon scanning the QR Code, I was directed to a mobile-optimized version of the University of Regina’s blog:

University of Regina: Mobile-optimized blog

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