Bar Louie Uses QR Codes to Grow Its Mailing List

19 Jun 2012
by John Foley
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Dena Woerner, the Vice President at Grow Socially, recently spotted this “QR Code in the Wild”.

I am quite thankful that she took a moment in her increasingly busy travel schedule to take a picture and send it over to me!

In my opinion, one of the best ways to use QR Codes is to try to capture data from your “captive” audience. That might be customers sitting at your restaurant, attendees at your presentation, or people looking at your advertisement in a waiting room.

The picture below demonstrates where Bar Louie has placed a QR Code for its audience to scan:

Bar Louie: QR Code on printed collateral

I think they did a nice job of following one of the best practices for using QR Codes, which is to provide some sort of incentive and encouragement for getting people to scan.

In this case, it was to “Become our Friend with Benefits”.

Upon scanning the QR Code, people were directed to a website where they could enter their information to join Louie’s Crew:

Louie's Bar: Form to capture data from QR Code scans

I think this is a good example of how QR Codes can be used to achieve an  objective that every marketer has: to build one’s database!

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