John Foley, Jr. To Speak At Content Marketing World

28 Jun 2012
by Benjamin Hoch
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On September 6th at 10:30 am, interlinkONE CEO John Foley, Jr. will be speaking at Content Marketing World in Columbus, OH. His presentation is entitled, “Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution.”

“I am absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to participate in this high-quality of an event,” said Foley. “Everything about Content Marketing World is first-class. From the organizers to the agenda to the attendees. I’m quite honored to be included as one of the speakers for this event. I’m also looking forward to being able to speak about such a timely subject!”

Overview of the Presentation

There is no doubt that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are changing the way that people consume information. The speed at which people are purchasing those items and making them part of their daily routines is happening faster than most marketers are prepared for!

During this presentation, John will share strategies, tactics, technologies, and tips that marketers can use to effectively reach the growing mobile audience. John will cover such items as:

  • How to develop a strategy to reach the mobile audience.
  • Options for building mobile websites, landing pages, blogs, and more.
  • Best practices for integrating mobile with other distribution channels, such as print and email.
  • Considerations regarding bringing up a mobile app vs. a mobile website.
  • And more!

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