McDonald’s Using QR Codes on its Packaging at the Olympics

27 Jul 2012
by John Foley
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My significant other typically does not encourage me to eat at McDonald’s. I’m getting older, I have a full-time office job, and well, let’s just say that adding a quarter-pounder with cheese to that mix does not help me out too much.

However, I may now have a business reason to swing by there soon — they are rolling out QR Codes on their packaging.

In an effort that is certain to help increase awareness of the practical uses of QR Codes, McDonald’s will be using them on all food packaging sold at its venue at the Olympics Park during the games.

Upon scanning the QR Codes, users will be directed to a website where they can access nutritional information about the items McDonald’s sells.

While it’s certainly exciting to see QR Codes make a big splash at the Olympics, McDonald’s has plans to roll them out to other stores.

According to this story from USAToday, “QR codes will roll out to a majority of McDonald’s restaurants by 2013.”

I better start going to the gym more often 🙂

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