Verizon Using QR Codes to Make Direct Mail Interactive

08 Aug 2012
by John Foley
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With the USPS continuing to roll out discounts to companies that include QR Codes on their direct mail pieces, there certainly is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to offer value to the growing number of smartphone owners.

Of course, it might not make sense for QR Codes to be used on every direct mail piece that is sent out. When making that decision, companies must keep in mind who their target audience, what they are selling, what the offer is, etc.

With that being said, I was quite happy to see how Verizon is using QR Codes on a direct mail piece that is certainly targeted towards tech-savvy consumers.

Here is a picture of the back of the mailer that I received:

Verizon's Direct Mailer with a QR Code

There is no doubt that people that are interested in a Share Everything Plan that features unlimited talk and unlimited text are most likely well acquainted with smartphones already. And that may mean that they are more familiar with QR Codes than other consumers.

Upon scanning the QR Code on this direct mail piece, people are directed to a mobile website.

There, they can browse through more details about the plan as well as access a mobile shopping feature.

Here is a screenshot of the mobile website:

Verizon Direct Mailer: Had a QR Code that pointed to this mobile website

I think this is a great example of knowing when and how to use QR Codes!

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