QR Codes for Marketing Collateral

12 Aug 2012
by Benjamin Hoch
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The benefits of having printed materials in your stash of marketing collateral still exist today. Printed materials are durable…. they are easy to transport. They can be shared easily as well.

However, marketers are continually looking for ways to increase the impact of their print-related efforts.

Print pieces typically require more time and resources than an online marketing effort. It may take 25 minutes to put up a new blog post, whereas it might take many hours to design a flow chart that will be printed and distributed at a trade show.

QR Codes can help ensure that companies get the maximum return on investment for printed collateral.

They help make it easy for people to quickly jump to online content – to a website, a video, a blog post, or a registration form.

Yes, once they are intrigued by your printed collateral, QR Codes can help them the next step.

Video Demonstration

In this video, interlinkONE’s Jaclyn Smith demonstrates one way that QR Codes can increase the impact of your printed collateral:


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