Walgreens app featuring a QR Code Scanner

16 Aug 2012
by John Foley
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Shopping these days are definitely not like they used to be. Whether you are shopping for a car, a pair of jeans or just a pack of gum there are many ways that you can save money on the items as well as different ways that you can pay for them.

While in Walgreen’s the other day, I happened to notice that there are many QR Codes posted throughout their store. Walgreen’s has their own mobile app that allows you to get exclusive coupons, weekly ads, refill prescriptions, and so much more. Yet, one of the biggest things that I was interested in was that their app had a QR Code scanner built right in. The QR Code scanner allows the shopping to take out their smartphone and point and scan at any QR Code throughout the store. The QR Codes usually link to coupons on the product or information regarding the product.

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This makes saving money and time on shopping just that much easier. Just think you don’t have to spend your Sunday mornings clipping and organizing coupons when they can all be right on your smartphone.

To learn more about how the Walgreen’s app works click here.

To download the Walgreen’s app click here.

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