QR Codes in Use at Content Marketing World

06 Sep 2012
by John Foley
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Our CEO John Foley, Jr. had the chance to speak at the Content Marketing World conference today in Columbus, Ohio.

His topic was certainly a hot one… the title of his presentation was “Mobile and Tablet Content Distribution”.

John shared a number of tips, tools, and technologies for marketers that need to find ways to optimize their content for the growing mobile audience.

During his presentation, attendees had the chance to provide real-time feedback. The results were calculated instantly and displayed on the screen. How did John do this? Well, QR Codes played a major role!

All attendees received the handout card pictured below:

Picture of the handout cards with QR Codes that John Foley, Jr. used at Content Marketing World

After scanning the QR Code (or entering the short URL), audience members were able to contribute answers to questions that were related to certain points of John’s presentation.

It offered a level of interactivity to the session… and it provided John with valuable feedback as he delivered his content!

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